Saturday, 18 October 2014

Improving your chances of publication

Some writers work in a vacuum, and that works all right for them. But for the vast majority of serious-minded writers, they realise that they need advice, help, tips and explanations from outside, whether that’s from other writers who are struggling along the same path, authors who’ve made it, literary agents and publishers or editing and critique services like Fiction Feedback.

It’s not always easy to get that advice and it’s certainly hard to find advice that’s free, or nearly. That’s why I’d always advocate going to events that offer up professionals as speakers on subjects we all find fascinating: how to find an agent or publisher, whether self-publishing is the way to go, whether or not we should bother with an editor (any regular reader of my blog will know it costs me to even pose that as a question!), and what we should do to give our writing the best chance of success.

I attended The Word last month in Preston, and am delighted to be organising a similar event aimed at would-be novelists, held over a half-day in November. This is called Write Now, and will take place at Astley Coachhouse on Astley Park in Chorley, Lancashire on the afternoon of November 15.

Speakers will be: Hannah Sheppard, a London literary agent and long-time fiction editor. Carys Bray, author of bestselling A Song for Issey Bradley. Dave Harrison, who is just opening an author services arm to his publishing business, Open Circle Books. And Kevin Duffy, of Bluemoose Books, an independent publisher of highly successful fiction based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Four top quality speakers offering their views on how to get published, and open to questions afterwards. Cost? Just £10. If you’re interested, pop along to .