Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Reading, not writing

I am such a bad, bad person. Too busy to blog! What kind of an excuse is that? Sadly, one all too many people can identify with, I’m sure. Apologies for my long absence.

In November we had the grand judging of the Dangerous Liaisons short story competition. If you’ve been to the Fiction Feedback site recently, you’ll know who carried off the prizes: Corrinna Toop, of Aylesbury, with The Plum Orchard; Steve Brodie, of Lytham, with Facing Up; and John Dixon, of London, with Comrades. All three winners explored the theme of Dangerous Liaisons in imaginative and exciting ways and wrote involving stories; congratulations to them and to the writers of the remaining five shortlisted stories. They can all be read in Aware, the publication by Chorley & District Writers’ Circle, accessed from the Fiction Feedback site:

Reading stories has to be a good excuse for not keeping up with this blog, but a better excuse is writing them. So all hail to the winners above who – whether or not their peripheral activities suffered – focused on their writing and created fascinating stories for others to enjoy.