Friday, 20 July 2012

Book Shows, Editing and Tennis

Book Shows, Editing and Tennis

Apologies for been away so long. I’m battling away editing a historical novel, which is fascinating in many ways but problematic on others, as well as organising sets of critiques for customers at a time when a lot of reviewers are either on holiday or inundated because everyone else is. Sigh…but it is nice to be busy. I had a little break in June, another reason why the blogging stopped, first at Eastbourne for the tennis, which I was able to visit with an editor friend, and then one lovely day at Wimbledon. Then there was catching up…

I’m now having a look in my diary to see what’s around the corner. A writer friend and I had hoped to go the Harrogate for the Crime Writing Festival this week, and were bitterly disappointed that they’d run out of tickets. So I had a look to see what else was out there…

Coming up on September 22nd is something called The Book Show, taking place for the first time, at Luton. It’s a one-day event and is run by digital publishers Andrews UK. From the website – which is all I’m going on here, I have no inside knowledge – the focus is unsurprisingly on self-publishing, although they do say agents (Watson Little, no less, and Brie Burkemann) and authors will be speaking. The authors, so far as I can tell, are all writers of celebrity biography or of erotic fiction; an interesting mix. Some are self-publishers. So, for writers of mainstream fiction, I don’t think you’re going to find your idols here, and Fiction Feedback won’t be attending. Still, it looks like a nice way to spend a day, if you happen to be near Luton – and if you have quite a bit of dosh to spare. Ninety quid seems a bit steep, although that does include breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. If you buy before August 1st, you get an early bird discount and pay £80. Check out the website and see what you think,

I’ll be back soon to report on any more unusual shows or festivals I hear about, and let you know the latest news at Fiction Feedback.