Saturday, 8 June 2013

Better Blog in Brief Than Not Blog All

Right, we have a new resolution. I do tend to go on in my blog posts and I know full well that I don’t blog half often enough, so there’s the answer, I think. Briefer blogs, more often. Let’s see if it works!

Huge sales for customers’ books

First of all, mega congratulations to our customer DJ Harrison who has achieved impressive ebook sales with his debut novel, Due Diligence, and the follow-up, Proceeds of Crime, both of which we edited here at Fiction Feedback. They’re published by Open Circle, a company to which Fiction Feedback lends a little hand with editorial-cum-enthusiasm. Storyline? Jenny Parker, a Manchester accountant, finds both the city and the career more menacing than she could ever have dreamt, and also discovers she has rather unusual resources which help her to cope. Due Diligence reached no. 8 in the Amazon ebook thriller charts and sold over a thousand downloads in the first week of May alone. Way to go, Dave. Check out the books here: and read about Dave here:

We also offer congratulations to another long-term customer, Austin Hernon. His impressive fictional biography of Robert Curthose, William the Conqueror’s eldest son, called The Wayward Prince, has finally crossed our editorial desk for the last time after many a careful draft and is now on its way to being produced as an ebook. More details to follow shortly.

Finally, another customer, Richard Dee, has published his exciting sci-fi ebook, Freefall, to Amazon:  We were pleased to provide critiques of his first 15,000 words and are intrigued to see how he gets on.

Best of luck to all Fiction Feedback authors.